For all of you who are passionate about forestry machinery, we are pleased to inform you that Komatsu Forest has just released the latest issue of Just Forest magazine, No. 01/2018.

Within this issue Just Forest will take you on a trip to Finland and the UK to learn more in detail about ¨XC¨ products based on the experience of ¨XC¨ pioneer customers. Asko Piirainen y Dylan Taylor will show you how Komatsu harvesters 901XC and 931XC have been designed to work under extreme conditions.
In addition, you will learn how future machine operators will acquire their training by using Komatsu Simulators – a full description of the Simulators technical features will be as well given.

Furthermore, Komatsu will be presenting to you those new tools designed by Komatsu to improve customers’ profitability: ProAct  that plans machine maintenance, and Maxifleet  that provides a fast and easy access to all the information saved by MaxiXplorer

You will find all these news and many more within the last issue of Just Forest, information that is presented with real life experiences from our customers. To get yourself one copy of Just Forest you can either download it by clicking in the link below or collect it in HITRAF Head Office.

Enjoy Just Forest as much as we do.