Valtra Serie N (115-201 CV)

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N Series offers power and flexibility for the most demanding works.


That’s how we built the fourth generation Brand New Valtra N Series has many of the features as T Series , but in a very compact form. In fact the 185 hp engine makes the new N Series the most powerful 4-cylinder tractor there is, with the best power/weight ratio in its class. This tractor is light and agile, but it puts power on the ground and has plenty of power for PTO.

Main Charcateristicss:

  • Powershift Revolution. New Generation of electric transmission.
  • EcoPower fuel saving model.
  • New AutoTraction in all range.
  • Electric TwinTrac reverse driving and 180ª swiveling seat (incorporates QuickSteer)
  • Auto-Guide available in all range.
  • New optional SkyView Forest Roof with nearly 6,5 m2 of window surface.

Valtra N series offers more choices than anyone else – with the help of our experienced salesman your working machine can be tailored to match your exact needs. Valtra offers six power levels and five transmission and hydraulic combinations: Hitech, Active, Versu and Direct.

The Valtra Active, Versu and Direct models offer high-capacity loadsensing hydraulics with 115, 160 or 200 l/min hydraulic pumps. Mechanical hydraulic controls for HiTech and Active models, and Electrical hydraulic controls for Versu and Direct models.