Valtra Serie T (170-271 CV)

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T Series offers powerful 6 cylinder engines for an efficient work under tough conditions


Valtra T Series fourth generation offers brand new Machines with an outstanding and functional design. T Series Tractors has fewer parts than ever and went through 40,000 hours of test driving in extreme conditions.
Brand new T Series combines a robust design with the highest comfort standards for long, tough and efficient everyday work.

Main Characteristics:


  • AGCO Power 6,6 l or 7,4 l engine, up to 271 HP
  • Sigma Power. Gives and extra 15 hp for PTO work.
  • EcoPower fuel saving model.
  • Powershift Revolution. New Generation of electric transmission.
  • Electric TwinTrac reverse driving and 180ª swiveling seat.
  • New optional SkyView Forest Roof.
  • Auto-Guide available in all range.
  • Cab Comfort. Optional Passenger Seat.
  • Windscreen wiper with 270º work angle.

Valtra T series offers more choices than anyone else – with the help of our experienced salesman your working machine can be tailored to match your exact needs. Valtra offers six power levels and five transmission and hydraulic combinations: Hitech, Active, Versu and Direct.

The Valtra Active, Versu and Direct models offer high-capacity loadsensing hydraulics with 115, 160 or 200 l/min hydraulic pumps. Mechanical hydraulic controls for HiTech and Active models, and Electrical hydraulic controls for Versu and Direct models.