Valtra Serie S (270-405 CV)

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Valtra S Series fourth generation tractors have been tested in demanding conditions in order to optimize its technical features, ergonomics, and productivity. We are confident about S Series fulfilling all your farming and business needs.
S Series are tractors whose balance performance helps you get the most out of your new investment, maximizing output and minimizing costs. We have designed for you a reliable machine to which you can combine all the services you want. Each detail has been carefully thought out, as profitability is the sum of competitive technology, reliability, operating costs, ergonomics, services and resale value. This makes Valtra the most rational choice for investors.

Main Charcateristics:

  • NEW Armrest Valtra SmartTouch: More intuitive than your smartphone.

  • AGCO Power 84 AWF engine: the first tractor engine to comply with the Stage 4 emissions Standard.

  • AVT Transmission: The market leader that meets the toughest demands.

  • Valtra’s ergonomic controls, spacious cab and pneumatic cab suspension

  • TwinTrac 180º angle reverse-drive system optional.

  • Optional AutoGuide Automatic Steering and AgCommand telemetry, both optional.