Japa 435



Simple cracked wood with great performance


Japa 435 is a firewood processor for professional use that produces quality firewood, uniform and clean, safely and without effort. It is suitable for soft and hard wood of all sizes. The hydraulic saw, with a bar of 20 inches, allows the entry of logs with a thickness of up to 43 cm.The machine is equipped with sensors that measure and control its operation in real time.
The model Japa 435 has the new patented cleaning system “Perfect Clean”, which removes dust and debris from the logs split by the vibration. Perfect Clean cleaning system is installed behind the cracking section, and uses a separate discharge conveyor belt independently to remove any residue.
“Perfect Split”. The new cracking wedge ensures that the Japa 435 processor is always fast, efficient and easy to use, regardless of the hardness and diameter of the wood being processed.