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Now even more reliable and productive


The earlier version of this specially developed head for tracked base machines delivered leading durability and work capacity. With the new and improved Komatsu 370E, the reliability and productivity benefits are even clearer. An important explanation for this is the entirely new saw unit, with a new saw motor and new saw bar mount. The new motor’s more effective cutting function and substantially more robust design maximizes productivity and minimises splitting. The motor enables maximum output based on the current conditions at the instant of cutting without the chain’s maximum speed being exceeded, which reduces the risk for chain shot. A side benefit is increased ease of service by the valve being moved from the valve assembly to the saw motor. The new saw bar mount is very stable, both at the attachment to the chassis and to the saw bar, which provides high reliability.

At the same time, all the “old” benefits remain on the new 370E: The heavy duty felling link for those really thick trunks, the ample dimensions of all moving parts and attachments, the fifth delimbing knife, the patented and well-proven barking function and much more. To put it simply, choose the new Komatsu 370E if what you need is a truly reliable and profitable head.