JAPA | Firewood Processors

The new generation of JAPA’s firewood processors has been designed paying attention to both safety and functionality for operators.

Among the new technical developments, JAPA’s firewood processors include a new adjustable knife, a hydraulic log press, a log length limiter and an upgraded log pusher and lubrication pump.

VALTRA | Agricultural Tractors

Farming is a business that requires some serious multi-tasking skills: you need to be a skilled tractor driver, mechanic, meteorologist, chemist and so much more in order to be successful.

Also, you need the right multi-tasking machine to enable your work, and that’s where we come in. We offer you unbeatable tractor solutions for all farming tasks, so that your machine is the least of your worries.

Latest News

SERVICIOS | Komatsu simulators

Whether novice or expert, simulator operation should mirror real-life operation as far as possible In our simulators, the machines perform the same way as they do in the forest. This includes, for example, how the head behaves when set against a tree and how the logs move during forwarding. What’s more, the forest can resemble the one you work in. You choose the terrain, landscape and tree species.

POTTINGER | Loader wagons

It is harvest time – time to bring in the forage – maintaining quality and eliminating bottlenecks. That is was impresses every specialist. The self-loading wagon is still the most economic form of crop handling for any size of operation. That is what farmers who want to cut costs consider this system the only option.